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LooSche was ideated at a family restaurant on August 2020. Even though digitalization is expanding to all kinds of stuffs, there are several things which have “paper-or-digital wars” such as magazines, albums, and schedule-notes. A friend in from of my seat at the restaurant was using a paper schedule-book, a question came up into my mind.
Is it possible to turn paper users to digital users?


As a kick start we start with comparing the paper schedule notes and popular schedule apps to define the gaps. As a result, we found two factors: flexibility and time costs.
Paper notes can be scripted any ways we want in seconds with a pen but apps don’t. In a nut shell, schedule apps lack of “loose-ability”. So, we decide our goal as,
Bring loose to our schedule app.


These three  are the end-user image of LooSche.

target of LooSche


reviews  of LooSche
usability study  of LooSche

To understand the problems which users are currently facing with LooSche3.30, I analyzed the reviews on AppStore. Then I conducted a usability studies to people who never used LooSche before to measure the user experiences of the app beginners.


After synthesized all data collected, I prioritized them into P0 and P1 to understand what users really need. Then, instead of creating specific personas I built abrupt target statues to clarify what and whom this update for.

Priority  of LooSche
user statues  of LooSche


Before create specific designs, I create 2 types of user storyboard. Then, based on the storyboards I listed up as many possible ideas to fix each problem.

storyboard  of LooSche
list of LooSche


With this update, Home Screen was the new designing, so I created possible 8 home screens first. Then, I combined each favorite parts and draw up a wireframe.  After that, I created a simple design mockup using Figma.

challenge of LooSche
mockup of LooSche


Just before start developing, I create the simple information architecture related to the Home Screen to enhance my understanding of new systems. Also, I created a simple plan of how to process the development.

IA  of LooSche
develop iteration of LooSche


This is an iOS app, so I developed with Swift using Xcode.  This is the screen shot of iPhone11’s storyboard on Xcode. There are totally 40 screen designs and 78 files.

storyboard  of LooSche
hero image of LooSche


Before submit the app to AppConnect, I created 6 splash screens for AppStore with using the screenshots of completed app.

splash sheet  of LooSche


Instructional visual informations.

To expand user experiences I added a widgets page where users can access to each functional pages. Also, guide screens have been introduced.

challenge  of LooSche


Fix user experiences on tab-bar.

LooShe’s original tab-bar was just single alphabets, therefore to improve straightforwardness each alphabets are replaced to icons from Material Designs.

challenge  of LooSche


Iconographic Consistency

Before LooSche 4.0, the icons on registration were kind of messy. Therefore, I introduced similar design icons, so that users will be able to  differentiate between each icons’ meaning easily.

challenge  of LooSche
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