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With the new corona epidemic, remote learning is becoming the standard. Learning is no longer the preserve of students, and teaching is no longer limited to professors.


Designing a platform where everyone can be a student or a teacher, and encourages sharing of knowledge and idea,


Concept, Research, Visuals


Aug 2021

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The pains can be also divided into two types.Time-Flexibility and subscription inequality.


The targets of this project can be divided into two main types. Anyone who seeks new ideas: especially for working people who don’t have time to go to campus and want to learn from multiple perspectives. Anyone who have skills to share: especially for teachers who are too busy to teach on a regular schedule or who want to give lessons to people who are far away.

Competitive Audit

I have done tutoring for international students at my university, but I had never used a tutor platform before, so I started by learning about the competition. Here is a quick summary of the competitive audit.

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As a brainstorming session for Ideation, I first played Crazy Eight. Later, I created six possible candidate forms for the website homepage.

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After the research, the first step was to create a wireframe, and after two rounds of homepage iterations, the wireframe was completed. After some iterations, I created a low fidelity prototypes with Adobe XD.

Link to Lo-Fi prototypes

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Along with the wireframe creation, I made a simple site map to clarify the user flow on this site.

Hi-Fi prototyping

After research, wireframes, and Lo-Fi iterations, I finally created high fidelity prototypes. In order to represent the diversity of learning, I used five colorful themes instead of one simple monotonous color, and designed the website for both desktop and mobile so that user experiences would remain the same regardless of devices’ size.

Link to desktop prototypes

Link to mobile prototypes 

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Because of the characteristic of this website to deliver education, I tried to keep the design as minimalistic as possible and easy to understand at a glance, no matter which device is used to access the site.

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Style Guide

I have created a common typography and color style guide to ensure a consistent of appearance and experiences no matter which device is used to access this website.

Open resentation deck

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