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Thanks to social medias there are now more opportunities to browse travel destinations. When tourists share destinations’ beautiful photos, they attract another tourists. This creates a spiral that more tourists draw even more tourists to the destinations. This creates “Over-Tourism”.

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Over Tourism

Simply, “Over Tourism” is a phenomenon that too many tourists visit one destination. This happens every famous destinations and usually, local residents are having troubles by this such as gentrification, garbage problems, noise problems, and so forth.

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Travel guide app by local residents and guides.Locals can promote less well-known areas, tourists will have a wider choice of travel plans, and tourists will be dispersed, leading to the elimination of over tourism.

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Competitive Audit

Basically, this project theme is a designing travel destinations' reviewing app, and there are already couple of prominence apps similar to my idea for example TripAdvisor, Google Maps, and Instagram; therefore, I started with quickly understanding about the current market of this industries.

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Logo Design

I designed this logo from the inspiration of local insiders (Gray ball) are sharing their ideas to outsider tourists.
First I made a rough design using Futura PT, then adjusted the arrangement of each elements using grids and circles like left image.

intout opening animation gif file

Logo Animation

For the splash screen, I created 2 types of animation on the logo.
One is 3 colored balls representing outsiders are coming into the center (destination), then, inside ball expands which means local insiders sharing travel information to outsiders.

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I picked 3 point colors;
red (Excitement), Yellow (Joyful), Blue (calm/ocean).
For the typefaces, I picked "Khand" for headers which is characterless but bold / standing-out, so that it can be suitable for any destinations names. Also, "Jost" for the paragraphs which is readable, similar to logo typeface, and a variable font.

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For this design project I have specific design I want to create in my mind, besides, I only had 2 days by the presentation day at my class, so I skipped the pen-paper phase and started with creating lo-fi wireframes on Figma which was just acquired by huge company starting with A.


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Right after finishing making wireframes, I started designing mockups. Basically, what I did on this phase was putting images, colours, proper texts with typefaces I choose on moodboard, but also, I duplicated some of the pages in order to add multiple animations for paging. Please check the finalized prototype with animations on the bottom of this page for more detail.


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Just for making it looks better and also to use for the thumbnail for Behance and Dribbble, I created a commercial banner-ish design.
Thanks for reading this report and make sure to check my prototype below;)))


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