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Role: Concept, Research, Visuals    Duration: July - Aug 2021

UX design: Movie Ticketing App

cinemer splash screen


Create a designable and convenient App that makes users willingly choose to use E-tickets of their own accord.


Unlike Genie, we do not have unlimited resources. Paper is no exception to this rule. Cinemer was designed to promote paperless movie theater tickets.


First of all, I asked several friends whether they prefer paper tickets or digital tickets at the movie theater. It turned out that 67% of the respondents preferred paper tickets mainly because of the design, information amount on the tickets, scrap ability as their memories.

cinemer empathy map
cinemer hand writing sketches


Based on the survey, I created three personas and empathized with each of them by creating user journey maps of their behaviors and emotions, and scripted the expected user flow using this app.

persona 1user journey map1persona2user journey mappersona3user journey map

Wireframe -> Lo-Fi

I created hand-drawn wireframes based on the user’s pain points and challenges that I defined based on the research, and based on that, I created a digital wireframes and low fidelity prototypes on Figma.

Link to figma

cinemer hand writing frameworksframeworks
affinity diagram

Usability Studies

I conducted usability studies twice with the prototypes to see if this design met the needs of the users.

Lo-Fi -> Hi-Fi

Low fidelity prototyping and multiple usability studies were followed by the creation of high fidelity prototypes in Figma.

Link to figma

high fidelity prototype

Paper like E-Ticket

Regular e-tickets only have QR codes, and users need to check the email for details, but this ticket allow users to see all the necessary information at a glance, just like paper tickets.

screen of home and ticket

Scrap on the app

Users can look back at their history to retrace their movie experiences like a scrapbook.

screen of past tickets

Browse what to watch flexibly

screen of searching, today schedules, and 7 days schedules.

Information Architecture

information architecture of cinemer

Style Guide

cinemer style guide


cinemer assets

Open presentation deck

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